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I’ve had this list sitting around for a while (in case I ever want to try something new) and I thought I’d share it, because why the hell not, everybody loves free stuff. I’ve only used a couple, so for all I know these could be complete shit. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW, RIGHT?

*= available for both windows and mac os

GIMP * - Does a lot of the same stuff as Photoshop.

FireAlpaca * - Similar to Paint Tool Sai, so it’s a good alternative for Mac users.

Autodesk Sketchbook Copic Edition * - Simulates the look of copic markers.

MyPaint * - Basic stuff, nothing fancy.

Pinta * - Drawing program modeled after paint.NET.

Inkscape * - Vector/drawing program meant to be similar to Illustrator.

ArtRage * - Digital painting program; you can get the trimmed down version for free or buy the full version with more features.

Sumo Paint * - In-browser drawing app.

DAZ Studio * - Some sort of 3D model poser thing.

Pencil * - Software for animating.

SketchUp * - Tool for making 3D models. Looks handy for stuff like architectural drawings.

Blender * - Pretty popular 3D software.

escape motions * - Some browser apps, fun to fiddle with when you’re bored (the fluid fire simulation is pretty cool imo).

Twistedbrush (Pixarra) - Seems to be meant for replicating the look of traditional media.

Pixia/Phierha - A popular program in Japan, according to the website.

Krita - This was originally made for Linux and it looks like the developers haven’t ironed out all of the kinks in the Windows installer.

Artweaver - Another trimmed down free thing if you don’t want to buy the full program.

paint.NET - Pretty basic kit, probably good for simple stuff.

Project Dogwaffle - I’m not sure what this one is all about because I couldn’t stop laughing at the terrible website.

Speedy Painter - Lightweight digital painting program.

mtPaint - Originally made for pixel art; simple enough to run on older computers.

Chasys Draw IES - Supposed to be some sort of drawing+image editor thing.

PaintRibbon - Seems to be another plain old basic image editor.

DrawPlus - Looks like it’s made for graphic design and vector stuff.

SmoothDraw - I’m guessing this is a basic thing for people who don’t want to bother with complicated stuff.

In light of recent developments involving the Adobe Suite, gathering up good freeware and less expensive one time purchase programs has been on my mind.

I haven’t used Gimp much, but I remember being confused by its interface. That was a while ago, though, so things may have changed. It does seem to be more of an editor.

I can vouch for Fire Alpaca as a solid, but simple drawing and painting program. I use it regularly. Even customized brushes won’t get too fancy, but it has all you really need for digital drawing and painting including fun extra non-Photoshop things like line correction and handy ruling tools. Resizing images (as in, going from my larger working file to a smaller one for web viewing) doesn’t seem to work the way I want it to, though. 

Pencil is absolute shit. I have zero patience for it. You can’t even scrub through audio in it or get decent playback (kind of essential).

I downloaded and tried Krita just now and I only messed with a little bit, it gets a little laggy if you’re going too fast but maaaan all those pens and brushes pretty much sold me, I might try my next comic in this just to see how it works, especially since I’m losing Photoshop here quick.

Firealpaca is great too, nice smooth inks and the perspective tool is pretty much the best thing ever.

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Adobe Master Collection CS6 was paid for by each student attending the Academy of Arts University as part of their tuition. In other words, I paid for Adobe CS6. It wasn’t a temporary license, or just for students, it came part of my tuition. Now, Adobe has suspended all student licences and is encouraging us to pay for their products AGAIN. Our “trial” ends in about 15 days.

Like other students and alumni of AAU, we need these programs to WORK. We use them every DAY. If we were photographers and you took away our cameras, we would be just as helpless. Do you know how much Adobe Suite costs? Do you really think a bunch of students and recent graduates have that kind of money?

AAU and Adobe are pointing fingers at each other and lawyers are just shrugging. Meanwhile, we’re all wondering what the fuck we’re supposed to do because its looking like pirating is the only option and not everybody wants to do that- least of all with a program WE PAID FOR.

If anybody wants to help us out by signing this petition or at least reblogging, that would be super helpful. Hopefully we can get some action happening soon and get our paid-for programs back because that is just not cool.


Sign the petition

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matts back from his first day of class and he looks so damn cute in his scrubs i married a guy whose gonna wear scrubs and lab coats to work every day this makes me happy

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now thats matt’s histology certification classes have started we have to fix our sleep schedule so as not to be vampires. matt woke up at 6 AM and I rolled out of bed at 11, though i’m sure I’ll eventually start getting up earlier and earlier like some kind of “actual person” with “normal hours”. This is going to take a little getting used to though cuz I feel like I should be in bed and I cant bring myself to work right now. who knows though may I work great in the daytime. I finished my thesis working in the daytime… and nighttime.. about 10-12 hours a day at the end there… thats not a good example lets try again. hi im awake and I feel like i shouldnt be and its strange and Im doing everything to keep myself from taking a nap righ t now.

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kind of hate how capitalism has trained me to believe that having free time is a bad thing and that i need to be constantly doing something to make my existence worth anything

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In my moving cleanup spree, I found a portfolio from my Layout class. I was going to treat you to a video of myself going through it, but then I realized my name is clearly visible on the work, so… enjoy the audio?

I could give you a whole GIGANTIC rant on him, but I will attempt to keep it short:

 I was already very anxious at this time, and this class just completely aggravated said anxiety to no end. It’s the kind of thing that makes you dread doing your work and then ultimately do it very shiftily, and it has you super obsessively trying to please him and not screw up because 1.) You’re not good at this subject and you’re actually trying to learn it from him and 2.) He’s very, very clear that you will pay for deviating from any of his highly specific aesthetic choices or suggestions, all the while saying “I can’t tell you that” when you ask him for clarification as if this was a class that in any way tolerated creativity or problem solving. 

And, on top of that, I don’t’ think he’d ever actually done layout. He showed us paintings he did as if he’s the only artist who ever thought to keep learning after college, and his super shitty storyboards for a game nobody remembers. He’s also super insistent working on tracing paper with the brush tips (I meant to say “brush tip” in the rant but said “pen tip” instead) of Tombow markers from tracings with no pencil drafts, and that it’s “the same” as Photoshop, which is the industry standard. And I can totally dig doing the old school stuff, but I’ve talked to old school Layout artists and they didn’t do that shit. 

AND he was super picky about whether or not he felt you were paying enough attention to him, or respecting him, and he would get really weird about what counted. And if he decided you were a lazy student who “didn’t want to learn,” he wouldn’t help you. You might hear the answer to your question that “it wasn’t his job to tell you” as he talks about you behind your back to one of the student he likes though, as I did.

By the time I dropped it, I was in full Red Alert-style paranoia, completely convinced that this HAD to be a hazing ritual of some sort, and that I couldn’t talk to the department because then they’d KNOW, you know? And, also, I’d had strict teachers before, and I’d generally come out liking them in the end. By the end, I was convinced, I’d love him. We’d look back on Layout and laugh together.

Nah, people who finished the class and even passed were like “Fuck that guy. He needs to wake up in the morning and get punched in the face by his alarm clock.” With a few exceptions, most people hate his guts.

I left a bad review on Rate My Professor, which strangely vanished, along with other negative reviews, and was replaced by glowing reviews that had a strangely similar tone.

So, yeah. That’s about as short as I can keep it, and I’m not even touching how he rants about students not having certain habits but basically setting us up to not take them up. 

oh man i couldnt even listen to the whole thing I was getting too angry. This was the worst teacher i ever had. Like if you were bad at layout, he would practically punish you for not being good at it getting into the class- he would never help you, never examine your work and tell you how to improve- he wouldn’t actually TEACH you layout. If you were GOOD at it, he would spend lots of time with you, lots of time glowing about how great your drawing was and how he totally taught you that. So i never actually learned a THING because i was a “bad student” (he actually did refer to me as one of the bad students to another student when they were talking alone) because he wouldn’t fucking teach me. You get in trouble if you “look like you werent paying attention”- meaning if you were leaning on one hand instead of sitting upright or werent laughing at his obviously hilarious jokes (eyeroll). One time i came in to class with an obvious and terrible cold. I turned in my homework, asked for next week’s assignment and asked if i could leave early so i dont infect anyone else and he gave me an unexcused absence for the day. and oh my god the whole “dont worry about perspective right now” “THIS DRAWING HAS TERRIBLE PERSPECTIVE” that?? is what??? you asked for??? and the fucking brush pen markers on tracing paper! “better than photoshop” YOU ARE A HACK. you know how I passed this class? by ignoring the shit out of the fucking brush pens and tracing paper at the end and just drawing a barbershop from fucking reference with blue pencil UGH GOD this guy. I hope I never have to rant about him again.

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Trying to sleep while drunk


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